Tips on Managing Holiday Let Cancellations During COVID-19

Unfortunately, advice on dealing with the outbreak is to avoid unnecessary travel. This means more cancellations. If you haven’t yet seen our ‘tech’ guide on dealing with cancellations in the Bookalet system, you can have a read here.

Here are some great tips on how you could deal with cancellation requests in a positive way!

  • Postpone the booking for a years time or other alternative dates
  • Be as understanding as possible – although these cancellations will be extremely frustrating for you, it is not out of choice for your guests.
  • Offer a percentage discount code to those who do cancel, as this may convince them to return after the Coronavirus period.

How to Prepare

  • During this quiet time for Holiday Lets, why not focus your attention on putting together a marketing plan for after the Coronavirus period. Look into designing a new website or creating some ads so that you are ready to go when the time comes.
  • Grow your social media followings for maximum exposure when people are looking to travel again. Here is our guide on social media for Holiday Lets.
  • Explore the world of email marketing! Export an email list from Bookalet into Mailchimp and send updates to past guests reminding them of your business and offers for 2021 bookings.
  • If you live on site, why not use this self-isolation period to try and take some updated photographs of your rental! 
  • Perfect your property descriptions. Whether you are listing on Airbnb, Booking.com or/and your own website, now is the time to make sure your property descriptions are as good as can be – with plenty of keywords for your SEO too! You can view our guide to Holiday Let SEO here.
  • Update all of your Availability & Pricing for 2021, incase anyone is ready to book and so that you can change existing bookings to this period if you need to.

Although this is a difficult time for the travel industry, it is a good time to work on growing your business ready for a busy 2021. 

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