How to Attract Staycation Guests

With holidays across seas looking still highly unlikely for 2020, staycations are the next best thing for a summer break. But how do you go about attracting staycation guests?

What is a Staycation?

A staycation is a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad

Top Tips: How to Advertise the Perfect Staycation

Focus on promoting local attractions which can be enjoyed while still following social distancing guidelines. For example, local parks or beaches will be more popular than busy shopping centres this summer.

Consider helping your guests organise a booking at a local restaurant. Chances are, with social distancing in place, by the time your guests arrive it’ll be very hard to get a table at the best restaurants in town. Consider offering to make an early reservation for them so that they don’t miss out.

If your check-in process is contact-free, make sure you promote this.

Share a document with guests on how you are keeping them safe with an enhanced cleaning routine. This could be in a simple infographic or a longer PDF document.

Add special offers or voucher codes for 2020 breaks to encourage more bookings. Promote these offers through social media or in your email marketing. 

What are the current guidelines for UK Staycations?

Those living in England have been permitted to travel to most of the United Kingdom freely. In terms of overnight stays, those living in England are now allowed to stay overnight away from home, with members of their own household or within their social contact ‘bubble’. Many tourist locations such as museums and restaurants are now also able to open. 

Social distancing restrictions are still in place and will need to be followed. It is also important to keep track of any local lockdowns as cases rise in certain areas. You can do so on the gov website.

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