How Holiday Let Owners are Using Instagram to Get More Bookings

Instagram is one of the biggest social media platforms with over 1 billion active monthly instagram users. Instagram has been an increasingly popular hub for the travel industry, with many people planning their holidays / vacations via instagram. If used right, it can become a very successful marketing tool for holiday lets.

Location tags

Use location tags when sharing photos of your property. If people are considering visiting a new place, it is likely they will check the location tag for an insight into what the location is like. Don’t stick to the same location tag though – for example, if your property is in a smaller town, tag some pictures with the name of the town and some with the name of the local city. This will allow a wider audience for your images.

Create a hashtag

Get creative and start a hashtag for your property. For example, #RoseCottageNorfolk, and ask guests to share any photos of their stay with this hashtag. This will then create a gallery of guest photos which you could link to your website or direct potential guests to. It also gives potential guests comfort to see other people enjoying the property, so that they will feel more at ease booking online.

Build a gallery

Share images of the local area as well as of your property. Think of your instagram feed as a moodboard, creating a whole vibe around your holiday let property. Create a gallery of images which include photos of your property, resharing guests photos, local areas, local attractions and local businesses. 

Reach out to local businesses

Interact with local businesses via Instagram. Follow, comment and like posts by local businesses and hopefully they will return the favour! Contact local events or tourist spots to see if they would be willing to feature your property on their website as a suggested place to stay, in return for you featuring them on your website or social media.

Use your bio section wisely

Optimise your bio section. The location can be added seperately to the bio, so don’t use up valuable space typing this swice. Use your bio to sell your property – e.g. Luxury apartment close to London Bridge, featured in City Living magazine! Most importantly, don’t forget to add a link to your website so people can actually book!

Use Instagram stories

Use instagram stories to share images temporarily. Instagram stories stay live for 24 hours unless saved to a highlight. This is great for sharing snapshots that you don’t necassarily want on your feed. Don’t forget to use hashtags and location tags on stories too!

Use Highlights

Save stories from the past to ‘highlights’ under titles such as ‘Local Area’, ‘Garden’ or ‘Guest Reviews’. This means that certain stories can be saved for people to view when they visit your profile. You can add cover images to these highlights to make them look more appealing on your profile.

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