Availability Calendar

At the heart of any good holiday home website is an updated availability calendar and bookalet makes it incredibly easy for you to manage this aspect of your business. To the prospective client, it appears to be part of your own website as it can be branded to fit the colour scheme of your existing design.

Add the calendar to your website with a single line of code. No need for any technical skills, just a simple cut and paste exercise. What could be simpler?

The calendar will show what periods are booked, provisionally booked or available and will automatically update when a booking is taken. This can be through your own website or via the Management Console which allows you to update the system yourself.  

Export your availability calendar data to other third party portals through the built in iCal .ics support.

Even modify the appearance of the availability calendar to match the styling of your own website.

You can also go one step further and add the combined calendar and booking form if your prefer to take online bookings in real time.

availability calendar for rentals