Taking Payments

What kind of payments can bookalet handle?

Virtually any kind you can think of! The system is highly flexible and accommodates most types of payment including; cheques, bank transfers, credit/debit cards via telephone, realtime online paypal, realtime online credit/debit cards..

Can I take online payments?

Yes you can. If you already have a merchant services card and take credit or debit cards over the phone, we can get you upgraded so you can take online payments. If you currently don't take credit/debit cards at all, we can help you. PayPal is a pretty easy way of establishing an online payment facility but the charges can start to add up when you're taking a significant number of bookings through this channel.

Can I use my current merchant services (card) provider?

bookalet is able to handle payments from a selection of different sources. We currently support CardSave, Barclays ePDQ, Opayo (formerly SagePay), Secure Hosting, Stripe, PaymentSense, PayPal and Worldpay. If your provider is not listed here please email the helpline to discuss your requirements.

Adding a discount code

Quite often we're asked if you can offer a discount to returning guests or family members. We're pleased to say the answer is a simple, yes!

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