Getting Started

How do I add holiday pricing?

Requires a bookalet Gold or Agent account

Holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter can often conflict with your normal pricing model. For example, Christmas Day might land on your normal changeover day and under these circumstances you might need an alternative model. Holiday pricing is great for a period for which you want a set start date and a set price for a set number of days. You might, for example, have 4 nights free around Easter where you want to charge £500 for a stay arriving on Easter Friday. The guest will only see this option when clicking on the start date.

To use Holiday pricing, navigate to Availability and pricing and then click on the start and end dates of the holiday period and then add a weekly price. Now check the Holiday Pricing box. 2 extra fields will appear where you can enter the price per holiday period (overrides any other pricing) and the name you wish to give this break. In this case, we have put £500 for 4 nights and named it Easter break. Then click the "Update availability" button:

When making a booking, the guest will now be able to only select that one holiday period:

Please note that Holiday pricing blocks are stand alone and cannot be attached to free periods before or after the define period.