Getting Started

Bookalet Overview

Although bookalet has a vast number of features built into it, we want to get you and running as
soon as possible. With that in mind, we recommend you start by simply adding a property into the
system and then setting its availability and pricing. Once done, you then have two choices what to
do next:

a) You can start adding features, such as an availability calendar, to your own website with a
single line of code with virtually no technical skills required.

b) Or you can start adding and managing bookings through the online management console.

Press the "Read More" button for a flow diagram of the setup process.

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How do I add a property?

First, using the username and password provided when you registered, login to the management console. Once logged in, click on the “Properties” tab on the left hand side navigation bar and then click on “Add a property”.

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How do I add an existing booking?

When you first start using bookalet, you'll probably want to add all your existing bookings to the system so you have a record of everything in the one place. You can add these bookings to the system without sending out any new information to the guests, as that may be a little confusing.

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How do I add special offers?

There are times when you might want to encourage guests to book your property by adding special offers. bookalet allows you to add two kinds of special offer; a straight forward discount or a reduced price stay for a set date range.

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How do I add extras?

You may want to charge extra for a dog or a Z bed or such like. You do this by first navigating to the Properties section and then editing the property in question.

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How do I add holiday pricing?

Holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter can often conflict with your normal pricing model. For example, Christmas Day might land on your normal changeover day and under these circumstances you might need an alternative model. Holiday pricing is great for a period for which you want a set start date and a set price for a set number of days. You might, for example, have 4 nights free around Easter where you want to charge £500 for a stay arriving on Easter Friday. The guest will only see this option when clicking on the start date.

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