How do I receive guest reviews and use the reviews widget?

Reviews can only be left by guests who have made a booking that is in Bookalet, it is not possible for you to add your own reviews into the system.

The first thing you will need to do is send the guest review link to your guest, you can do this by adding the custom tag into your email template. The tag is [tag:guestreview] and this will add in the link with the text 'leave a review'. You can add this into a new template or you might want to add it to the completion email which is automatically sent to guests on departure if you have this configured.

When the guest clicks on the link, they will see a Bookalet page that asks for a star rating, some review text, the way they would like their name displayed and a tickbox saying they agree to the review being displayed publicly. The review that has been left then comes into your Bookalet account under the 'customers' section for you to see, you then have the option of approving this review which will enable it to show in the reviews widget.

The reviews widget is available in 'publish widgets' along with the other Bookalet widgets and you can add this into your own website in the same way that our other widgets are added. The configuration options allow you to choose how many reviews get displayed at one time, the widget can be limited to a single property or group so will only show reviews for that property or group, or can be set to display all reviews. You can also choose to display the review widget with a theme to make it blend into your website.