Email Marketing Tips for your Holiday Let Business

One of the most successful digital marketing techniques is through email marketing. But what do you do if your emails are being opened but not converting into new bookings? Here we have put together a how-to guide on making the most out of your mailing list!

If you have a MailChimp email marketing and list management account, you can configure Bookalet to automatically add new customers to one of your MailChimp mailing lists. Just go to Administration > Email marketing. 

Top Tip #1

Don’t send too many emails. Flooding peoples inboxes with daily emails is likely to make people unsubscribe. Instead, plan for monthly newsletters or if you have lots of news; send a maximum of one email per week. Think of your emails as a regular ‘reminder’ of your business.

Top Tip #2
Keep your subject line short and snappy! A lot of mobile apps will crop off an email subject if it is too long, so keep it short. We also recomend using an emoji in the subjects to grab peoples attention! For example, a suitcase emoji with the subject line “Ready for a summer holiday?”

Top Tip #3
Keep the text in your emails short and to the point, whilst keeping them informative. Break text up with images and videos to make the email look a bit more interesting than plain text.

Top Tip #4
Depending on your brand, usually there’s no need to make an email sound too formal! Don’t be afraid to be chatty, relaxed and fun. This will make your emails more enjoyable – nobody wants to read through a long, formal email trying to sell them something.

Top Tip #5
Provide discount codes for anyone reading your emails! This will work as an incentive for someone signing up to your mailing list and will also keep people reading your emails if they are looking out for offers. Always include a call to action within your emails, making it as easy as possible for people to access your booking form.

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