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Nar Valley Holiday Cottages We love hearing about how Bookalet has helped make our clients jobs easier, and a great…

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Nar Valley Holiday Cottages

We love hearing about how Bookalet has helped make our clients jobs easier, and a great example of this is Nar Valley Cottages in Norfolk. We got in touch with their owners and asked them about the properties and their experience with the Bookalet system.



The current owners took over Nar Valley Cottages and Energise Pentney Fitness & Spa in November 2018. One of the owners, Hannah, shared that on the same day of them taking over, she went into labour with her now eight month old son Joseph, so everything was quite hectic!

Hannah also told us that “The three cottages were converted from farm buildings over 30 years ago, but had not really been running in the last few years, and needed a lot of love and a lot of renovation. ”

“We started the renovations in February, which included building a whole new website, as well as new kitchens!



Two of the cottages were ready to go (the third will be ready in November 2019) but we didn’t like the confusing, outdated booking system that was being used. We were nervous to change it, and scared of losing data & trend reports, but after lots of research, I came across Bookalet.

Bookalet’s 30 day free trial gave us a chance to see how everything worked, making lots of fake bookings and editing details to suit our needs! We knew we liked the system, and it integrated seamlessly with our new website on Squarespace, so we made the switch!

We love the way Bookalet allows you switch features on and off to suit our needs, and it’s synchronization with Airbnb (and other external channels) makes it effortless to use. I mainly access the website from my mobile; phone in one hand, baby in the other(!) and the more we use it, the easier it becomes to navigate and tailor; for example, editing the email templates in to our tone of voice.

We’ve had a lot of support from the team at Bookalet, when in my sleep deprived state, and given that we’d never run a business like this before, nothing much made sense! The support has been invaluable and the team are great at replying quickly.

We’re now well in to our first season, and are pretty much fully booked; we’re even taking bookings for 2021! We’re looking forward to seeing what new developments Bookalet makes in the future, and to the continued success of Nar Valley Cottages Norfolk!”

Some of the properties amenities include a wood burner, access to a gym, spa, indoor and outdoor pool, WiFi, smart TV, a BBQ, housekeeping service which is available for longer stays, and even the option of having a Chef at Home – James Howe.

If you would like to book a stay in this lovely accommodation, visit narvalleycottagesnorfolk.co.uk and use the Bookalet calendar to pick your dates!


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