New Date Range Search

Add a date range search which delivers a summary of properties available. The page displays a picture of the property along with a brief description. Guests can then click to book immediately or be directed to a page on your website with more property details. Agent account only.

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Editable Customer List

By popular demand, bookalet now allows customer detailed to be edited in the Booking Detail page. This improves productivity by enabling quick updates to be made from within the main working page.

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Calendar Synchronisation with Independent Cottages

Bookalet is pleased to announce a new agreement with the holiday homes portal, Independent Cottages. Owners using the Gold system will now be able to automatically update their calendars on the Independent Cottages website.

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New Agent Search

We are pleased to announce a new Agent search facility that allows the user to filter properties by various search criteria prior ro any properties being displayed.

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Extended View Calendar

The multi property calendar now has an option to display a full month's availability. This option is wider than the original form and allows guests to get a much better picture of available dates.

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bookalet Agent Enhancements

A number of new features have been added to the Agent account including: a) allowing notes to be added for housekeeper/keyholder b) restricted access for housekeeper/keyholder accounts c) miscellaneous costs being added to Owner settlement notes d) option to add credit card surcharges to booking

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Single Month Calendar

We're pleased to announce the addition of a new single month calendar and booking form. This compliments the existing 12 month calendar and as per all the other forms, can be configured to match your existing website design. Guests can scroll backwards and forwards a month at a time.

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Calendar Synch with Holidaylettings

We are pleased to announce the bookalet availability calendar now automatically synchronises with the Holidayletting's calendar. Any time a booking is registered on the bookalet calendar, it instantly updates the calendar in your Holidayletting's account. Save time and avoid double bookings!

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Master To Do List

In the bookalet Agent account a Master To Do list has been added to assist with the day to day running of your business. It is now easier than ever to keep track of all thoses outstanding actions!

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Split Week Calendar

In response to user requests we have now added the ability to split a week into two, thus allowing for weekend breaks and midweek breaks. Ratecards now show weekend, midweek and full week pricing.

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SMS Text Capability Added

We're pleased to announce the addition of the SMS text service so you can now get notification of any booking enquiry the moment it happens. Don't let your rivals beat you to it!

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