How to Grow a Glamping Business

How to Grow a Glamping Business

Looking for a way to grow your glamping business to get more bookings?

Lets start with the obvious - take online bookings and payments! The holiday let industry is changing and many of your guests will discover you online, therefore it makes sense to let them book online too. With bookalet, you can add widgets to your own website which will allow you to start taking bookings and manage them alongside any other channels such as AirBnb. Having all of your bookings in one place means that you don't have to worry about double bookings! 

Because people are searching online for holiday locations and accommodations, it makes sense to create social media pages for your glamping site. This will help to grow a 'brand', as well as allowing more potential guests to find you through the hashtags you use, the people you tag and the articles you share. View our full 'what to post' guide here. Your social media can also be used as a tool for keeping previous guests up to date and reminding them of how great their trip was in the hope of them booking with you again!

Work on your SEO to drive more traffic to your website. Taking bookings direct means no commission fees, but to do this you need people to find your website. Put yourself in your guests shoes; they want to book a trip to, lets say, Devon. They are either going to go straight to a website they already know about, or they are going to google 'Devon glamping pods' or 'self-catering glampsite Devon'. To make sure that you show up for these search terms, you need to craft enticing copy for your website considering all relevent keywords or search terms. For a full guide on SEO for your holiday let, read our blog post here.

Use your website to talk about all of the additional features your glampsite has to offer. This is important because if you forget to mention that your glamping pods are pet-friendly, it is very easy for potential guests to keep looking for another glampsite which states clearly that they are pet-friendly! These features are also an essential way of 'selling' your glampsite; describe all of the things you love - like how all of the pods have a view of the sunrise, or they all have access to a BBQ for those warmer evenings. Use your descriptions to paint the perfect holiday picture. With bookalet, you can add optional extras to your bookings, so if you choose to charge extra for a dog, this can be easily added when booking online. 

Make sure that all of your photographs are showing your glampsite at its best. Just one bad photo can be enough for people to continue their search for a glampsite elsewhere. Invest in professional photography or read our guide to getting the best photos of your holiday let here!


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