What to Avoid When Listing your Holiday Let Online

What to Avoid When Listing your Holiday Let Online

When listing your holiday let property online, your property description and settings are extremely important in getting set up for receiving online bookings. We have put together a list of 5 things to avoid.

set additional charges for every optional extra. Charging a fee for a dog or extra guests is to be expected, but adding fees for extra pillows, a basic food welcome pack, or additional towels can get a bit over the top. Too many additional prices may end up putting guests off. Smaller extras should be considered hospitality, and guests may even feel quite lucky if they feel they have got something for free.

Don't upload low quality photos of your property. It's worth investing in high quality images for when you're promoting your property online. Just one bad quality image will be enough to put potential guests off, after all - there are plenty other properties online that they can find almost instantly. Keep all of your photos high quality, well lit, and well composed.

Don't make the booking proccess too confusing. An easy booking process is key, as your guests don't want to spend too long trying to book. Bookalet can provide easy to understand, professional looking widgets to make booking simple and quick.

Don't add too many 'rules', especially when they are just common sense. Your guests will need to know whether they can smoke on the property, whether they can bring a dog, or whether the property is suitable for events. However, listing too many rules at once can be overwelming and off-putting. Any 'rules' that apply to guests after they have arrived may be better in a welcome pack or terms and conditions rather than on the listing.

Don't make check out time too early. An expected check out time is between 10-11:30, so setting a checkout time earlier than this can be a disadvantage. Your guests won't want to be rushed out on their last morning, so will appreciate the extra hour to get their luggage together, etc. 

As with many parts of your holiday let business, a lot of this is about learning from experience and feedback. Remember to read your reviews and guestbook regularly so that you can keep working on any ideas or requests your guests give you.

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