How does Bookalet work with a Glampsite?

How does Bookalet work with a Glampsite?

How does the bookalet system work with glamping sites?

Bookalet's online booking management system is ideal for taking online bookings for your glampsite. With the bookalet system, you don't have to lose money through commission, simply add the bookalet widgets to your website and start taking bookings!

Give your guests plenty of choice...

You can add each glamping pod option seperately, allowing guests to select where they would like to stay. The bookalet calendar widget will then show what nights are available for that glamping pod. You can set bookalet up to either take automatic bookings, or so that you review them first. Each time a new booking enquiry comes in, bookalet can be set up to send you a text message. This means getting back to enquirys quickly and efficiently! Bookalet allows you to add optional extra fees, for example, if you would like to give your guests the option to pay £30 to bring a dog, you can! This can be even more useful with glampsites, as you are able to give optional food baskets or breakfast deliveries. 

Provide discount codes via bookalet

Provide returning guests with discount codes, encouraging them to return. These discounts can be applied throughout the year or just for selected time periods.

Allow online booking via your existing website or create a new website

If you have an existing website, you can add our booking calendar widget with just a single line of code. No technical skills needed, just a simple copy and paste. If you don't yet have a website, we also have a great web building tool which allows you to either edit a template or start from scratch. The web builder uses a simple drag and drop system, so is easy to understand. Here is a great example of a website built with the bookalet web builder, Great North Lodges! Of course, all of the bookalet widgets work perfectly with the web builder and can just be dragged in. This includes the booking calendar, a rate card, an enquiry form and more. 

If you are a glampsite looking to take online bookings, please feel free to contact us or sign up for a free trial here.


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