Spanish holiday island to ban flats from short term holiday rentals.

April 2018 | Spanish Holiday Island to ban flats from short term holiday rentals

The move is in response to the problem of ever increasing tourism, driven largely by private rental accommodation offered through holiday rental websites and applications. This has resulted in local rents rising by 40% since 2013 and making it difficult for locals to find suitable affordable accommodation.  It has also increased the number of complains of rowdy holidaymaker behaviour.

The mayor of Palma believes the ban will be in the general interest city and will set the trend for other cities when they see that finding a balance is key.

Chief of planning, José Hila told local newspaper, El Pais “There is a parallel between the evolution of vacation rentals and the rise in rental prices.  All European cities are being transformed overnight by this type of offer. We need some order. There will be vacation rental in Palma, but only where there needs to be.”

It is believed that only about 5% of all short term rentals have the necessary licences and the authorities have been imposing hefty fines for those flouting the regulations. 

Similar actions are being considered in other Spanish tourist hotspots suffering from the same affliction of over tourism and the effects on the local community.

The Palma ban is due to come into effect in July of this year.

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