Bookalet Agent Membership

Designed specifically for an agency with multiple properties and locations

We’ll develop a complete bespoke wrapper around the core funtionallity of the Bookalet system. We recognise that no two businesses are the same and we have plenty of experience in the development of portals for holiday lettings agencies. Whether it’s a custom search facility or a specialist payment system, we’re here to help. Email [email protected] or simply call for a chat about your requirements.

Master To Do List

  • Deposits that need chasing
  • Balances that need chasing
  • Housekeepers that need informing

Date Range Property Search & Summary View

  • Easily add complex searches to your own agency website
  • Advanced search form with date filter
  • Displays property photo & brief description
  • Additional filterable criteria option
  • Filter on selectable criteria such as pet friendly, garden or swimming pool
  • Link to more detail or directly to booking page

Manage Property Owners

  • Add owner details for the properties you manage
  • Allow owners to update property availability
  • Allow owners to add their own private bookings
  • Run activity reports for properties and owners

Housekeeper & Keyholder Access

  • Allow Housekeeper and Keyholder Access to your Bookalet account
  • Restricted access to base booking details required to perform duties
  • Downloadable reports

Property Groups

  • Sub categorise your properties into groups
  • e.g. Create a National Parks Category
  • Then add all the National Parks under the National Parks Category
  • You’ll then be able to publish booking forms for a single group such as The Peak District
  • Publish booking forms for a single group such as The Peak District
  • You’ll also be able to search via these property groups and just display properties in the Peak District

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