5 Ideas on Attracting More Holiday Let Guests

Promotions & Offers

Bookalet allows you to set up promotions and offers*, ideal for returning guests. You can set these offers up as either a straight forward discount or a reduced price for a set date range. So, for example, if you have a last minute week available over summer, set a reduced price for this week only. Learn more on how to set this up here.

*Requires Pro or agent account.

Family Friendly

If your property is family friendly, make sure that you are using this as a marketing tool! Include phrases such as ‘Family friendly property in Hunstanton’ or ‘Child friendly holiday home in Norfolk’ to improve your SEO. Also, be sure to include photographs of family-friendly features. For example, if you have a cupboard full of board games; show it! This will give families confidence that your property will keep children entertained and will also show that you care about your guests experience through all of the extra features you provide. Of course, it is still nice to add some surprises for arrivals!

Be Active on Social Media

Keeping active on your social media platforms not only shows guests a more personal insight into your holiday property, but it also adds an element of trust. Sharing other guests photos, posting testimonials or guestbook quotes, or just adding photographs of smaller details that you may not have posted on your website, e.g. a photo of the bedside table arangement, or freshly baked bread on the kitchen counter. For a guide on what to share on social media to promote your holiday let, view our other blog post here!

Short Break Pricing

By setting your booking system up with the most flexible calendar system, ‘Short Break Pricing’, guests will be able to pick dates that work for them; whether they would like to stay for 2 nights or 14. You can also set up a minimum number of nights per booking, so if you would like to insure that every booking is at least 3 nights; just add this in under the ‘Set availability and pricing’ tab.

Offer Optional Extras

Give guests the chance to book optional extras, such as a welcome pack. You can find this under Properties > *Property name* > Optional Extras. This is a great way for guests to personalise their booking. The same feature can be used to add an additional fee for a dog, great for marketing your property as pet-friendly. Find out more here.


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