2019 Travel Trends for Holiday Lets

We know…it’s not even Christmas yet and we’re already talking about 2019! Your customers may already be booking holidays for next year, and it’s important to know if your rental offers the quirks people are looking for and if not, how could you add them? 

Let’s run through our top 5 travel trends for 2019! 

1.    Mini trips 
Over half of global travellers (53%) reported that they were planning on taking more weekend trips in 2019. Do you allow people to book your property for short stays, if you don’t why not consider it? 
Quirky and unique accommodation during these short getaways will also reportedly become trendier so if you’ve got the space, why not put a yurt or shepherds hut up on your property? Glamping has been on the rise for a couple of years now and isn’t looking to stop! 

2.    Foodie holidays 
A trend that was popular in 2018 is showing no signs of slowing down. Food and wine play a massive part in travellers’ destination choices with people looking to try something unusual, delicious and original. 
So, how can you make the most of this? Put together a welcome hamper that offers your guests local food, meat or dairy products or why not put together a guide of local places to eat where regional produce is on offer. 

3.    Off-peak travel
Travellers are becoming savvier and no longer look to only book during peak times of the year. They know that by travelling during the off-peak season they can enjoy tourist destinations in relative quiet and potentially for less money! 
Offer your customers great deals and discounts during the off-peak season and fill your property when otherwise it may have been left empty!

4.    Eco Travel
More and more travellers are getting behind the ‘go green’ initiative in every area of their life, including travel! We all know the importance of reducing our carbon footprint and looking after the planet, and this has spilled over into the travel market. 
Staying in eco-friendly properties and choosing to travel by boat, train or car instead of aeroplane where possible are just a couple of eco-friendly changes that travellers are now making.
How can you jump on this movement? Avoid using single-use plastic where possible, encourage guests not to wash towels after every use and provide opportunities for your guests to take part in activities that help the environment while staying with you! If your property is by the seaside, why not set up outings to help clear the beach of litter?

5.    Booking by mobile
The number of travellers booking flights, hotels and experiences on their mobile is going to continue rising in 2019. In 2018, Google Consumer Insights showed that 45% of smartphone users were comfortable researching, booking and planning their entire trip using only their phone. Is your current website mobile friendly? Is your booking system easy to use on a mobile? If not, it may be time to make these changes to ensure you aren’t losing potential guests! Bookalet’s mobile responsive forms make booking through your phone easy. 

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